Body Management Program


 The Cure is Always Created With The Cause


"You are the Custodian of your Body-Temple"


      Know thyself and to thyself be true"


   Dr. Dawud Abdur-Rahmaan, D.H.S., Master Herbalist of the Michigan Institute of Natural Health, created this  program  for anyone desiring to improve, regain, or maintain good health.  It is specifically designed to create an atmosphere in the body that will allow the body to control and utilize any nutrition effectively to obtain optimum absorption.


   The blood, liver, lymph and bowel system are actually ONE system working together.  If you cleanse the blood, but the liver and colon is still unclean, then the blood will return to an unclean state due to the fact it is filter by the liver and processed and released by the colon. If you cleanse the colon, and the blood and liver have not been addressed, the colon will become unclean again due to  the fact that the blood carries waste into the liver and everything is eliminated through the bowels.  The liver is the filter system for the body and you may achieve a healthy liver, yet if the blood is still infected and the colon isn't properly cleansed, it will become polluted and unhealthy again. The lymph glands are your protection against infections and they assist throughout the body in attacting and storing unhealth waste.


  Taking an holistic approach to healing your body, will have lasting effects and assist in releasing unhealthy eating and thought patterns. It also restores your ability to be intune with your body and honor it accordingly... Stronger will-power thus longer, healthier and joy-filled life.  


This program is for any age, ethnic, size, gender & believe systems. 


  Herbalist Goddess Shesheta El, created "Body Management Plus Program", that has all of the Herb in the Body Management Program, but added the herb Sutherlandia to target purification of the immune system. This herb is native to South Africa, and is used and know to assist in curing AIDS.  It seek and destroy all viruses within the body naturally, regardless to how long it has been there.


Outlined below is a brief description of the B. M. P. Program:


  * ALFALFA:  Acts as a detergent or scrub brush for the intestines.  It contains at least eight active enzymes which aide in digestion.  This is an organic plant that nourishes the blood stream and promotes youthful and flexible joints and also repairs the stomach.  Alfalfa provides a balance spectrum of vitamins and minerals ( calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, and sodium).  It also acts as a deodorizer and prevents excess perspiration, stops hemorrhage, soaks up uric and lactic acid to prevent nerve irritation, lubricates joints, relieves pain and relieves fluid retention.


  * ALL CELLS SALTS (A.C.S.):  Contains all thirteen organic tissue salts, which are found in the body. Organic minerals will replace inorganic build-ups in the body. The salts breaks up congestion in the cells and the fluid that surrounds them, cleansing the cells to replace worn out parts, with new minerals.  The appetite may decrease and weight loss may occur due to the cleansing process and the nourishment the thyroid and pituatary glands.


  * BEET ROOT:  A great liver cleanser and source of sulfur compounds, potassium, magnesium and trace element boron.  It also provides folic acid for proper cell division of all body parts including hair and nail growth.


  * CASCARA SAGRADA:  A wonderful bowel cleanser found in nature, gives the bowel strength and energy to move.  Allows user to obtain one easy and complete bowel movement per meal, as intended by nature.  Bowel wastes that are not frequently eliminated are reabsorbed through emergency exits such as skin, lungs, ears, throat, and sinuses, etc.  You could tear out and throw away one third of all the so-called "dis-eases" of medical books with the practice of a good bowel management.


  * C.C.E.-W (Cleansing Corrective Extract):  This is the most valuable cleansing corrective and life extender, with nothing short of miraculous results.  Cleans the blood, bowel, and nerves and also repairs them.  It is also an excellent natural antibiotic and a poison antidote, as well as an outright corrective for numerous common and many baffling types of conditions.


  * THREE BEES:  It contains Bee Pollen which provides energy as well as a high quality protein source and first rate anti-stress adrenal gland nutrition.  Bee Propolis possesses the antibiotic spark to raise immunity levels and get the life systems moving again.  Royal Jelly is that Elixir of Life which extends the normal life span of an infertile worker bee from a few weeks to several years as a Queen with great fertility.  Together they provide energy and are a powerful formula for the entire nervous system as well.


The PLUS HERB: SUTHERLANDIA:  Improves the workings of the immune system (bone marrow, thymus gland, liver, lymph nodes, spleen and other parts of the body).  It assists the body to root out and clean out viruses wherever they may be in the body, no matter how long they have been at their destructive work.




 A.C.S. (ALL CELLS SALTS)- Bladderwrack, Atlantic Kelp, Arrowroot, Irish Moss


C.C.E.-W (CLEANSING CORRECTIVE EXTRACT)- Aloe, Angelica, Camphor, Carline Thistle, Manna, Myrrh, Rhubarb Root, Saffron, Senna, Theriac, Zedoary.


THREE BEES- Bee Pollen, Bee Propolis, Royal Jelly




This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice by licensed physicians.  A reader should consult a physician regularly in all matters relating to medical problems, especially in matters of diagnosing, treating or curing diseases or other physical or mental conditions.






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