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Dec. 21, 2009 

“I started using H.N.S.-W for thyroid support and was impressed by how fast it worked for me. Using 20 drops every couple 

of hours the first day I noticed improvement in my nail growth by the next day. By the fifth day my thyroid function was equally noticeable. 

Thank you and God Bless Pure Herbs.” —A. A., Aurora, CO


Oct. 26, 2010

“The following came from a client/friend of mine: Cathy has been my friend and a valued resource for me and my friends 

health issues. One of the best things she has done for me is recommend Pure Herbs.  I swear by H.N.S.-W as I now have a full head of hair, my fingernails actually need clipping and the toenail fungus is completely gone after many years of buying everything I could find to treat 

it! I won't go without the Pure Herbs Eazy Co-Q-10 as well as the C.C.E.-W.  If Cathy recommends it, and it's Pure Herbs - I buy it! It is 

one of the most reliable products I have ever used." —J.W., San Diego, CA

Sept. 9, 2010

“I have been so impressed with the healing dynamics of I.V.-H. I had an upper respiratory infection on the Monday before I was to have my back injected and after a regiment of I.V.-H and Olive Leaf the condition cleared, enabling me to have the back procedure done on Thursday April 1st. In June prior to a family wedding I had a bladder infection that subsided in four days while taking I.V.-H and Olive Leaf. Currently my herbalist recommended a regiment of I.V.-H and Olive Leaf to fight post operative infection in my left foot.was required by my medical doctor to take two weeks of a standard antibiotic. Despite this two week course drainage on the dressing looked less than desirable, so I am taking I.V.-H once again.  Also during this time of healing I have been taking Ol’ Number 11 to aid healing of the surgical area. Thanks for a better alternative.” —J.D., Houston, TX 

Oct. 25, 2010

“My husband was battling Lyme’s Disease once again from March of this year. He had it five years ago and recovered from it using only nutrition, herbs and homeopathy. We were told by the medical community that Lyme’s Disease never leaves your body. That could be so, and we do know that stress brings down the immune system, which may invite the disease to resurrect in the body. This recent battle he went through was not as intense, but he lost muscle mass immediately, had significant weight loss and weakness in general, loss of energy and extreme pain in all of his muscles and joints. He also had severe shaking of the right hand (Z.C.B.-J helped greatly). He walked hunched over, as if he was on eggshells due to the pain he felt with every step. He was also emotionally devastated.  He used Universal E.R. (Emotional Remedy) and Three Bee’s (both of which are staples for us). We worked steadily with herbs and nutrition with some success. It wasn’t until we added the newest combination of S.A.-4 (South American Four) that he felt immediate results. We started him 

on this formula on   October 4, 2010 and within three weeks he commented that I might think he was crazy, but could it be possible that he was feeling stronger already? Well, of course it was possible!!! We continue taking other herbs from Pure Herbs, continue our nutritional program, but not a day goes by without taking two droppers of the S.A.-4 twice per day! Since starting only three weeks ago, he has gained back 15 pounds, which I swear is all muscle. As his muscles are rebuilding, they hurt, but Alfalfa capsules are a lifesaver (six per day). We call them one of his newest best friends. He no longer needs naps throughout the day and he is picking up and piling firewood daily. My business is named appropriately – Blessed By Nature. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful company, Pure Herbs, that assures us we have the best quality of herbal extracts available.” —C.A., West Valley, NY 

Nov. 10, 2008 

“We went for the family camping trip up north of Michigan. I kept thinking about my youngest grandson’s allergic reaction to mosquito’s, so I made it a point to carry along the herb Plantain. The first night of our trip, we were all getting our tents put up in the dark, when all of a sudden my 39 year old son screamed in pain. He said it felt like a bee sting. The first thing I could think of was the Plantain. I ran to the car searching frantically through the packed stuff still in the car. When I finally found it I poured it on the bite which had become a red circle about the size of a fried egg with a white bump. He said it still hurt so we applied it about every 15 minutes with my thumb pressure which was also painful. I told him we needed to get it in to the bite. As the night progressed the redness was going away slowly and the bump went down somewhat. By the next morning the redness was almost gone and you could see two holes now. The second night he said it didn’t hurt and the swelling was down and so were the holes that had looked huge to us. We found out later that my son had been bitten by a brown recluse spider which is not common in Michigan, but may have been transported by another out of state camper. At the time we weren’t aware of how dangerous the bite could be and we thank God for the Plantain. There can’t be any better application for bites than Plantain! I had to write this testimonial because this herb worked so fast and well that maybe it can help others. This herb also 

works well on flea bites.”-I.D., Hazel Park, MI  

July 14, 2009 

“I fell and ended up with a gash in my leg. The wound seemed like it was going to heal, but at the last minute it couldn’t complete the job. After a week of my leg not healing I decided to use the Skin Lotion Plus #102. It sure must have some good healing herbs in there because after putting it on a few times it healed up. Thanks Pure Herbs for your great products that God blesses with good healing 

Oct. 25, 2010

 “Among my clients there are many local farmers. They are exposed to agricultural chemicals and pesticides and suffer from 

fatigue, lack of energy and anemia. I include in their program Chlorella extract (one teaspoon two times daily) and within two months their energy comes back, fatigue is gone and blood tests show no presence of pesticides any more. I am sure that everybody who works with or consumes agricultural products is exposed to chemicals and should take Chlorella, and the Pure Herbs Chlorella is the best!”  

—B.V., McAllen, TX 

April 27, 2009 

“Please remember Cleavers for any mouth cancer or anything like a possible cancer of the tongue. No need to wait for a diagnosis. In three cases over three years (two were clients, the last one is myself) ten drops of Cleavers in a mouthful of water four to five 

times per day, cleared each of us of suspicious areas that were not mere cankers. Hold the mouthful for 10 – 15 minutes (or more) then swallow. Mine was gone in five days. Thank you Lord and thank you Pure Herbs. I first read of this in my homepoathic (Boericke’s) Materia Medica, under Galium.” —J.L., Ontario, Canada

June 8, 2009 

“After reading in the herb book about Formula Thirty-one I decided to try it. A couple years ago I had surgery for a dropped 

bladder, but after a year it dropped again. Trying to avoid having surgery again I decided to try the Formula Thirty-one for several 

months and it really does work! I use it externally more than internally. I thank God, no surgery needed! Thank you Pure Herbs for providing these herbs and also a thank you to our wonderful Creator!” —N.R., Hendersonville, TN  

Sept. 30, 2009

 “I had difficult sleeping through the night because of hot flashes, night sweats and the desire to have to use  the restroom 

would wake me up and then I had difficulty falling back asleep. I would wake up in the middle of the night soaking wet, huffin’ and puffin’ and feeling like I had been running in a marathon. H.N.S.-W was suggested by my hairstylist to control my thinning hair. When I first took   it at noon, I felt relaxed and sleepy. So I started taking H.N.S.-W at night before bedtime to help me sleep. After taking H.N.S.-W which has a combination of Sage, Rosemary, Dulse and Horsetail, I slept through the whole night. According to my Herbs For You textbook, Sage (I  apply to my temples at night before bedtime) ‘counteracts night sweats’ and Rosemary (take 40 drops after dinner) is used for night sweats and ‘is a nerve relaxant; thus, anxiety and insomnia can be remedied.’ It was recommended to take Nettle because of hot flashes and my desire to use the restroom during the night. According to my Herbs For You textbook, Nettle repairs the kidney and urinary system. I take 40 drops after dinner. Visits to the restroom have gone from four to five times per night to two to one to zero per night! My fingernails are even stronger and my hairstylist says I have a healthy hair of locks. Now I can control menopause! It can’t control me!” —F.K., Holly, MI 

Oct. 28, 2010 

“Update on my gangrene foot: In a panic I called my friend and herbal practitioner at 4:30 a.m. I was desperate for advice 

on what I should do. My right foot was swollen, red and itchy. My toes looked like dark pickles. My friend explained that the healing process from the use of herbs and Manuka Oil was at the point of a ‘healing crisis’. I felt good but my foot looked terrible. My friend instructed me to pour Virginia Snake Root on my toes, nails and to rub it on my foot. She also instructed me to put ten drops under my 

tongue and to repeat as necessary. I did repeat the process 45 minutes later. I went back to bed and by 10:30 a.m. that morning I called my friend back to tell her it was 2,000 times better! The swelling in my foot was almost gone and the color of my skin and particularly my toes were back to normal. The  Virginia Snake Root attacked the poison that was erupting from my body. I am so thankful to have Pure Herbs, they really work!”  

—S.S., Shelby Twp., MI 

May 4, 2009 

“April of 2008 my doctor told me my cholesterol level had jumped from the always normal range up to 200. This was quite startling as I eat healthy and have no health problems (I am 70 yrs old). I began to watch my diet closer. The next time I was tested the results were even worse, at 250. At this time my doctor told me I would need to go on medication if it did not come back down to normal. He said I could not control my cholesterol with a diet and that my body was doing this on its own. I had become knowledgeable about herbs and started using G.F.-G two to three times daily. I had my cholesterol checked nine months later and it was down to 174. I had it checked 

again six months later and it was at 162. My doctor is amazed at my progress and I am pleased that I have come this far without using pure herb's products.

This information is about historical observations and historical information relating to herbs. This information is not intended to be a substitute for 

medical advice by licensed physicians. A person should consult a physician regularly in all matters relating to medical problems, especially in matters 

of diagnosing, treating or curing diseases or other physical or mental conditions. This information has not been verified by the American Medical Association or the Food and Drug Administration.


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