My Mission:

 A Journey to Change....Look Within


    My mission is to assist others in restoring the balance within their body/temple, in order to reclaim control over their own Divine force.

Through experiences, I've come to understand and add-on a realistic approach to self-empowerment.


 1st step: Reclaiming your Divinity.  Acknowledge the need to change by identifing and owning the most needed area of release in your life in order for you to begin your work.


2nd step Get out of the way of YOUR change, by releasing excuses, denial and fear of what other may say.

Note: If your present envirnoment has not allowed you to change, chances are you won't.  Oftentimes, changes doesn't occur until someone or something happens to encourage it.  We know what we need to do, but allow others who are not ready to change, convince us to stay with them.


3rd step: Begin to do the work. Find a friend, love one or someone who shines a light in the area you most want to achieve. Don't let your ego or their's get in the way. If someone doesn't want to work with you, TRUST there is someone else who will understand your situation and assist you. Unconditional Love & Self-Forgiveness are the most important keys to restoration.  


Every unwanted issue has a root cause, and dealing with the surface issues will not resolve them. When we are seriously ready to make drastic changes in our lives and desire to become whole and complete for ourselves, then, and only then, are we ready to pick up our armor and guide ourselves into a world of effortless living and joy-filled days. 


I am firmly rooted in a belief system that calls for Self-Acknowledgement and Personal Responsibilities. As we journey through this life with an open heart and a desire to experience the world  as the Creator intended.... With Love... we will learn that it is not a journey to be traveled alone nor without Personal Commitments.

In an effort to restore our planet, Mother Earth, to her fruitful righteousness, we must first examine ourselves as individuals. We must begin to heal the psychological, physical and emotional scars within the body -Our Temple- and know that this is the time to personally take responsibility for our health. 


Listen to the subtle and not so subtle signs that your temple/body makes uncomfortable to you. These are signals and/or warnings that something is out of alignment and needs detoxifying (releasing).  

Fearlessly take up your amour and slay those inner demons (cancers, tumors, high blood, self loathing...etc.) that reside within.


 Before Mother Earth can be healed, we, human beings, must first heal ourselves.


With a blood cell analysis report, I offer you the ability to reconnect to your blood, and bring awareness to how you can assist it in maintaining continuous healing vibrational flows, for optimal nutritional health. 

If you are at the door of change, together we can create a herbal route that can assist you in peeling back and discarding unhealthy blockages of all types.

Life is a beautiful cyclical cycle, and the physical manifestations resulting from the Laws of Change are inevitable. Allow yourself the gift of change.  Open your heart and heal your soul..."For life begins where dis-ease ends...."  


This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice by licensed physicians.  A person should consult a physician regularly in all matters relating to medical problems, especially in matters of diagnosing, treating  or curing diseases or other physical or mental conditions.


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